Welcome to Training!! 

We're so excited you're joining our newest class of volunteers! This is the first step of becoming part of an exciting team of volunteers who, like yourself, are dedicated to serving Placer County's most vulnerable youth and families! 

In case you are unable to complete a chapter and Activity Sheet in one sitting, you can save your work on the Activity Sheet by clicking the "Next" button on the bottom of the page you're working on. In order for you to submit a completed Activity Sheet, every box must have something typed in it... so if you don't know an answer to a given question just type in a "?" so the form can be submitted. 

 If you have ANY questions or concerns, please call the office so we can help! We'd also appreciate any feedback you might have about this online training manual. 

 Thank you again for becoming part of CAPC! We hope you enjoy the journey!!! 

 See you in class!

To introduce the roles & responsibilities of being a volunteer for Child Advocates of Placer County.